The Global Warming Truth
Science is not the search for consensus, Science is the search for Truth
Carbon Dioxide

Facts about CO2

Of the 186 billion tons of CO2 that enter earth's atmosphere each year from all sources, only 6 billion tons are from human activity. Approximately 90 billion tons come from biologic activity in earth's oceans and another 90 billion tons from such sources as volcanoes and decaying land plants.

At 368 parts per million CO2 is a minor constituent of earth's atmosphere-- less than 4/100ths of 1% of all gases present. Compared to former geologic times, earth's current atmosphere is CO2- impoverished.

CO2 is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Plants absorb CO2 and emit oxygen as a waste product. Humans and animals breathe oxygen and emit CO2 as a waste product. Carbon dioxide is a nutrient, not a pollutant, and all life-- plants and animals alike-- benefit from more of it. All life on earth is carbon-based and CO2 is an essential ingredient. When plant-growers want to stimulate plant growth, they introduce more carbon dioxide.

CO2 that goes into the atmosphere does not stay there but is continually recycled by terrestrial plant life and earth's oceans-- the great retirement home for most terrestrial carbon dioxide.


If we are in a global warming crisis today, even the most aggressive and costly proposals for limiting industrial carbon dioxide emissions would have a negligible effect on global climate!


Another Take On CO2

1. The overwhelming greenhouse gas is water vapor, 30 to 50 times more
important than CO2. Yet this component is not modeled with any accuracy
in the GCMs.

2. CO2 attributed to man is minuscule, about 6 to 7 Gigatons/yr, into an
atmospheric GHG reservoir estimated between 720 and 760 Gigatons.
Yet we are told it is the major driver of climate and must be eliminated to
save the earth.

3. The uptake of CO2 by the ocean is from 92 to 107 Gigatons/yr. There is
uncertainty or an error of about ±7 Gigatons/yr, equal to the anthropogenic total.
While the out gassing of CO2 from the oceans are from 90 to 103 Gigatons/yr,
or an uncertainty error of about ±7 Gigatons/yr, again as large as the
anthropogenic input. Yet we are told human CO2 is the major driver of
climate and must be eliminated to save the earth, while the oceanic and
even the soil components of sink vs. source of CO2 are so uncertain as
 to swamp the human inputs.

4. The net difference between oceanic uptake and out gassing estimates is
about 3 Gigatons/yr, but ±14 Gigatons/yr error. However, climatologists use
a figure of 2 Gigatons/yr as their estimate of the oceanic uptake of the
manmade CO2 of 7 Gigatons/yr., and thus claim human CO2 stays in the
atmosphere many decades. Yet they claim human CO2 is the primary
climate driver and must be eliminated to save the earth. How can this be
as the error estimates again swamps the tiny human inputs?

5. The instrument temperature records since 1850 or so (until satellite
measures started in the 1970s)that are used to prove AGW have been
shown to be inaccurate, unreliable, and tainted by numerous errors.
Yet, we are told they show man's immediate impact on climate as
CO2 rises (all .6 degrees C of it), thus it must be eliminated to save the earth.